Prices & Payments

In-Clinic and Online Appointments are available

You can now book an appointment online, or call 01932 830872 during working hours.


For Patients claiming on Insurance

We follow the prices as set down by the Individual Insurer, which varies according to their schedule of fees.


Self-pay & Non-Insured Consultation Fees

New Patient Consultant Gynae Consultation £190
Follow up Consultant Gynae Consultation* £120
*Please note: Follow up consultation fee i.e. AFTER an initial Consultation, and relating to the same episode of care – £120.
If you haven’t been seen or had an appointment for one year or greater, the new patient consultation fee of £190 will apply.

One-off GP type appointments e.g. UTI/STI etc… £125


Annual Gynaecological Health Plan

Annual Gynaecological Health Plan £295


Self-pay & Non-Insured, additional test/procedures done in clinic*

Plus cervical smear (HPV and cytology) £211
Plus Endometrial biopsy & Histology £218
Plus Mirena insertion (inclusive of Mirena device) £420
Plus Mirena (patient/GP supplying Mirena) £340
Hormone Implants Oestradiol with or without Testosterone:
– Procedure cost only only: £250
– Prescription cost of implants TBA


Additional Procedures performed in hospital under local anaesthetic as a walk-in/walk-out (Day Surgery)*

LA Q2020 Endometrial biopsy with histology £650
LA Q1800 hysteroscopy & removal/change of Mirena £1300
LA Q1800 hysteroscopy, endometrial biopsy +/- Mirena £1300
LA P2000 Excision of vaginal/vulval lesions including histology £1600


Blood tests

Blood test “Packages” or done individually, as requested by Patient e.g. Thyroid Function, Full Blood Counts, Fertility tests, Pre-IVF bloods are available at much reduced cost compared with the private hospital costs.
Please call for current pricing.
You will need to complete a Medical Questionnaire before your appointment


* May be subject to (usually small) changes due to laboratory/hospital price changes.
All costs are confirmed prior to treatment.

“Gynaecological consultations in Surrey”

Book a Consultation

To arrange a consultation, please book online or telephone 01932 830872

Payment can be made by BACS, PayPal etc,if not insured, or you do not have an authorisation number. Telephone and online consultations are payable in advance.