The Menopause ‘Makeover’

The most obvious typical symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes night sweats etc usually respond to most standard HRT treatments. However, for many women, Menopause means much more. It involves increase in truncal weight and difficulty in losing weight due to insulin resistance and insulin-carbohydrate metabolism. Problems with Skin conditions, excess facial hair and loss of scalp hair are common as is loss of libido/sex drive.


Menopause Clinic

It is important to individualise treatment to a woman’s particular requirements; this is vital in improving tolerance and effectiveness of the treatment and avoiding side effects (e.g. breast pain, skin breakouts, suppression of mood) as well as maximising symptom relief and improvement in quality of life.

The menopause can mean much more than hot flushes and night sweats even though these can be extremely distressing. “Menopause” can also be a time to focus on other issues which have been lingering for some time and simply put on to the back burner. For example extremely heavy and or painful periods, bladder leakage problems, stress urinary incontinence etc.

Patient testimonial

“I wrote a piece recently about turning 47 and feeling unstoppable, after having had a long period of feeling past my peak. … when people ask what I did, one of the 3 things that changed my life was trying a different doctor….. finding my way to team Gangar and sorting out my hormones!”

In addition, the psychological aspects of “Menopause” cannot be overlooked. This can present as minor depression, apathy, sleep disturbance/insomnia etc… Many women in this age group are commonly described as the Sandwich Generation i.e. having to cope with real life issues such as elderly parents, dependent children and work related responsibilites and demands.

The “right HRT” treatment helps improve coping capacity and resilience. This can be supported and enhanced by psychological counselling which we can facilitate.

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