Difficulty getting a GP Appointment?

We are seeing an increase in requests for less complex problems from women who cannot get a GP appointment, for conditions such as :

  • UTI
  • discharge
  • irritation
  • contraception
  • STI concerns
  • problems with coils
  • smear tests
  • etc…

Most of these can be managed by remote consultation.

This can subsequently be supplemented with a face to face consultation.
Issuing of prescriptions is included in the cost.

We have ready access to affordable pelvic ultrasound scanning and blood tests, leading to quicker diagnosis and starting a treatment plan without the long waits and frustrations.

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“Online appointments available for your convenience”

Book a Consultation

To arrange a consultation, please book online or telephone 01932 830872

Payment can be made by BACS, PayPal etc,if not insured, or you do not have an authorisation number. Telephone and online consultations are payable in advance.