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At Surrey Gynaecology we make every effort to keep abreast of the latest developments in medical science and technology as well as being up-to-date with general news around gynacological matters, hormones and the menopause. Here are some items of interest:

Hereditary Cancer Testing

Take control of your genetic risk for common hereditary cancers

Cancer risk and hereditary cancer
All of us have a 1-in-2 lifetime risk of cancer. Most are due to environmental and lifestyle factors and there are national screening programmes in many countries to try to identify some cancers early when treatment is most effective.

Genetic counselling
Some cancers in your family may also affect your personal risk of certain cancers and you may wish to have personalised genetic counselling to discuss what this means for you and other family members.

Hereditary genetic cancer
About 10-15% of most cancers are due to known inherited genetic mutations. Knowing you have a mutation that increases your risk allows you and your healthcare provider to create a personalised plan designed to prevent or detect cancers like breast, ovarian, colorectal and endometrial at an earlier or more treatable stage.

Relatives may benefit too
Knowing you have a genetic mutation may be important information to share with your relatives. For example, if a man or women carries a mutation in BRCA1, each of their parents (mother and father), siblings (brothers and sisters) and children (sons and daughters) have a 50% chance of carrying the same mutation.

Important for men and women
Genetic cancer mutations affect the risk of developing cancer in both men and women.

Having the test

STEP 1 – Request a kit
Request a BRCAtest uk saliva test kit from your clinic.

STEP 2 – Payment
Payment methods and cost will be discussed when you order your test and then pay your clinic directly.

STEP 3 – Provide a saliva sample
You will be given a BRCAtest uk saliva test sample kit. Read the instructions carefully and use the tube in your kit to provide a saliva sample. Complete Request Form (A), Consent Form (B) and the Health and History Form (C). Check that the barcodes on tubes and forms match.

STEP 4 – Post the kit back
Post the sample pack at any post box free to: Freepost BRCAtest uk
Test only available to those aged 18 years or above

STEP 5 – Reporting
Your sample will be sequenced and your genes will be analysed and reported usually within 3-4 weeks after receipt in the laboratory.

Getting the results

One of our network of UK based Consultant Genetic Specialists will contact you with your results to discuss them and their implications.

Download the leaflet to find out more: